Apex Wastewater Evaporator
The advantage of the Apex floating evaporator is the increased run time allowed by the in-pond location. While land-based evaporators are more prone to shut down due to wind gusts,the Apex can continue to evaporate in the same conditions due to the spray plume being closer to the pond surface and more likely to drop back into the pond instead of on surrounding vegetation. Once on the pond, the Apex's ease of mobility enables the operator to adjust the location of equipment to compensate for wind direction, leading to greater net evaporation rates. Apex Evaporation Unit Features: • Heavy duty construction • Stainless steel body, motor mount & frame • Two 3’x6’ LDPE foam filled floats Water Delivery System • 1” Stainless Steel manifold with thirty-six 3/16” orifices • 7.5hp stainless submersible pump & motor assembly • Flow Rate up to 88 gpm • Water Pressure up to 80psi 460v 3-Phase Electrical System • NEMA 4x SS control panel with 2 start/stop controls • 25hp induction electric TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor for extreme conditions 20.25" Fan • Stainless Steel
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